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Adidas Climachill – Graphic Panels

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Working alongside Simon Mayo of Spirit Media Ltd (click here to see Simon’s LinkedIn profile), who was the lead on this particular project, I was asked to design a series of graphic panels for a product room they were created to demonstrate adidas’ new Climachill material and its product range. There were a number of panels which used supplied imagery, and a number of concept panels using stock imagery. The panels were each themed around the concept of hot and cold, where each section of wall demonstrated a particular feature of the material.

The room included a number of inset monitors, material demonstration panels and product displays.

The above room image was kindly supplied by Spirit Media.

Castlefield Recruitment

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I was asked to design a corporate identity for a new recruitment agency based in Castlefield, Manchester. While a number of different approaches were investigated, we ultimately settled on a curved sweep of dots with one picked out in red – representing the idea of one individual standing out in the crowd.

Once the identity was finalised, it needed to be applied to a suite of stationery, including letterheads and business cards, candidate forms and terms of business documents were all needed. While I was not involved in the design process for the website, I was asked to cast my “corporate” eye over the completed site to ensure that I was happy with the design and that it conformed to the corporate identity we were building.

Snowdonia – Autumn & Winter Time Lapse

My timing was terrible, I chose one of the wettest and greyest winters to start my project. In September 2012 I invested in a piece of equipment that would allow me to produce tracked time lapse shots.

As a photographer with a passion for landscape, and living in the Snowdonia National Park, it made perfect sense to base my first time lapse project in my own back yard here in north Wales. I thought it would take a few months, but I didn’t bank on the weather being so dull for so long, the odd clear day here and there punching a hole in the endless, drab, grey clouds that seem to have plagued the weather this particular winter. Over time, those breaks in the boring weather added up and I managed to get all of the shots I had originally set out to do.

This technique lends itself not only to landscape, but also urban, architectural, interior and macro settings. Combined with motion graphics and live action footage, it is possible to produce very high-end productions on a not so high-end budget.

These sequences are available to buy through Alamy as HD footage encoded to Photo-JPEG. Most of the time lapse sequences are also available at higher resolution and in any format, please contact me if you require a specific format or size of film. I am also available for commissioned work, again, please contact me with your requirements.


Sychnant Pass Country House

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Sychnant Pass Country House is set in three acres of landscaped gardens on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, a few minutes drive from the old town of Conwy on the North Wales coast. The new owners were keen to put their own mark on the hotel and asked me to design a new logo and brochure for them.

Due to it’s stunning location on the edge of an expansive heather moorland, and because the owners were looking to portray the house as having the feel of a remote rural hideaway, it seemed fitting to look to the surroundings for inspiration. The design is based on a highly stylised sprig of heather which has an almost porcelain quality.

Recently I was asked to design the exterior signage for the hotel, the image is in the sequence above. The eagle eyed viewer might spot a slight difference between the logo and the signage logo. This was intentional, the emphasis on the elements within the logo needed to be “adjusted” to make it more legible to the passing motorists (or cyclists).

The sign was printed by Micrographics and the frame was produced by Bodnant Joinery.

World Rhino Day

An animated clip about the rhino poaching crisis across Africa and Asia. The use of rhino horn as a recreational drug or cancer treatment in Asia is based on myths, but has escalated exponentially over the last few years. As a result, rhinos in Africa and Asia are brutally slaughtered in huge numbers for their horns. With prices able to fetch more than cocaine or gold, the trade is attracting the attention of organised crime and terrorist organisations alike. So whether you have a passion for rhinos or not, the trade could potentially still have an impact on all of our lives.

The trade in rhino horn only exists because there is a demand (which in tern was created by unscrupulous middle men looking for a way to exploit the vulnerable). End the demand and the killing will stop.

I felt so strongly about this issue, that I wanted to do something to try to help. Working in collaboration with African Conservation Foundation, we came up with a theme that had not been touched upon to any great extent previously. There was also a certain amount of psychology used too. Simply attacking the end user’s beliefs would not be effective as humans tend to dig their heels in when their beliefs are brought into question, so we needed to shift the emphasis from the end users and on to the traffickers – portraying them as scheming villains who have no regard for the welfare of animals or humans alike, they just want to make money, no matter what the cost. The idea is to try to make the end user question their use of rhino horn and make them realise that they have been sold a myth, with no scientific basis, in order to fuel the trafficker’s greed. Marketing at its very worst.

The video was launch to coincide with  ”World Rhino Day 2012″ on 22 September 2012.