Camera Tracking – Motion Graphics

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Camera Tracking Project for ZED Creative IdentIt is always good to try to keep on top of things. When I have a quiet moment, I try to experiment with techniques I have not tried before, mastering them can come in very useful for future projects Рparticularly in motion graphics, where there is a lot to learn. So far, I have never needed to use Camera Tracking, so last week I decided to try it out, it can be very useful for applying graphics within a video scene to make it appear as though it is somehow part of the scene Рhave a look at the sequence I produced here.

I wanted to find out how well Camera Tracking performed with some scenes I had in mind for future project. Camera Tracking essentially works by detecting identifiable features in a video scene such as small points, marks, corners Рanything that the software can identify and follow (track). It works on small close ups (as I have done in this example) to a room or a landscape and beyond. It works best when there is obvious movement in the camera, and particularly well when the movement is more erratic.

The software reverse calculates the camera’s position and fixes points into a 3D map of points that it derived from the scene. You can then select any plane between three points and use that to attach graphics, imagery or text to. It gives the appearance that this imagery is a fixed part of the scene.