Towards the end of 2012, ZED Creative began to experiment with some time lapse. A motorised slider and pan and tilt head (not featured in this video) were acquired and employed. Unfortunately, timing was pretty terrible, it must have been the greyest winter we have seen in a very long time, and grey cloud cover does not make for good time lapse. But we persevered and eventually, the number of good weather days built up and enough footage was gathered to create the first video montage. Which turned out to be a wise investment, sequences have been used in the S4C series ‘Mynydd’ and ITV’s series ‘Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears’.

This technique lends itself not only to landscape, but also urban, architectural, interior and macro settings. Combined with motion graphics and live action footage, it is possible to produce very high-end productions on a not so high-end budget.

These sequences are available to buy through Alamy. Most of the sequences are also available at higher resolution and in any format, please contact us if you require a specific format or size of film. Anthony is also available for commissioned work, again, please contact us with your requirements.